• Criti Care :

    Acquiring critical illnesses is a life changing event which can disrupt dreams and goals for family and wipe out savings. Critical illness MEDICLAIM POLICY is the only solution to these problems. It provides a lump sum money on diagnosis of the specified critical illness. More Benefits :

  • Guaranteed Cash Benefit
  • HA- UAN No. : MB/BR/2012-2013/154
  • HACI-2 year Policy Tenure Option
  • HACI-Assured Plan Renewal for Life
  • HACI-Covers 20 Critical Illness
  • HACI-Direct Claim Settlement
  • HACI-Free Look Period
  • HACI-Guaranteed Cash Benefit
  • HACI-Plan Coverage (Individual/Family)
  • HACI-Tax Benefit
  • Accident Care :

    An accident can exhaust the savings of a lifetime and even cause irreversible disability and loss of income. Our AccidentCare Insurance Plan provides cover not just in the case of accidental death but also for permanent total or partial disability, along with a host of other benefits. More Benefits :

  • Guaranteed Cash Benefit
  • HA- UAN No. : MB/BR/2012-2013/154
  • HAPA-2 year Policy Tenure Option
  • HAPA-Accidental Death
  • HAPA-Assured Plan Renewal for Life
  • HAPA-Child Education Benefit
  • HAPA-Direct Claim Settlement
  • HAPA-Free Look Period
  • HAPA-Funeral Expenses
  • HAPA-Guaranteed Cash Benefit
  • HAPA-Permanent Partial Disability
  • HAPA-Permanent Total Disability
  • HAPA-Plan Coverage PA (Individual/Family)
  • HAPA-Worldwide Coverage
  • Hospi Cash :

    While the hospitalization policy takes care of your hospital bills, incidental expenses like attendant lodging, nursing expenses, transportation cost, etc., account for a considerable part of the overall cost incurred. Hospital Cash cover supplements your hospitalization health insurance policy to cover these miscellaneous expenses.

  • Guaranteed Cash Benefit
  • HA- UAN No. : MB/BR/2012-2013/154
  • HAHC-2 year Policy Tenure Option
  • HAHC-Assured Plan Renewal for Life
  • HAHC-Daily Cash Benefit
  • HAHC-Direct Claim Settlement
  • HAHC-Free Look Period
  • HAHC-Guaranteed Cash Benefit
  • HAHC-ICU Cash Benefit
  • HAHC-Plan Coverage HC (Individual/Family)
  • HAHC-Tax Benefit