ICICI Prudential Future Perfect

ICICI Prudential Future Perfect

Why is ICICI Pru Future Perfect special?

ICICI Pru Future Perfect grows your wealth with the promise of protecting your money. This is done through two guaranteed features in the plan called Guaranteed Additions (GA) and Guaranteed Maturity Benefit (GMB). At the end of the policy term, you receive a sum that includes Guaranteed Maturity Benefit (GMB), Guaranteed additions (GA) and additional bonuses declared by the company, if any. Guaranteed benefits are payable subject to all due premiums being paid and the policy being in force on the date of maturity.

What are Guaranteed Additions?

Guaranteed Additions (GAs) are additional benefit that will be added throughout the policy term, if all premiums due till that year are paid. GAs as a percentage of annualized premium is set out in the following table:

Policy year/PPT 5 years or 7 years 10 years, 15 years or 20 years
1 – 5 8% 10%
6 – 10 10% 12%
11 – 15 12% 15%
16 onwards 15% 18%

During Premium Paying Term(PPT) GA will accrue on premium payment* and after PPT, GA will accrue at the beginning of policy year.

* In case of monthly premium frequency, 1/12th; times GA will be accrued every month on premium payment. For half yearly premium frequency, 0.5 times GA will be accrued on premium payment.

What is Guaranteed Maturity Benefit?

Guaranteed Maturity Benefit (GMB) is the guaranteed lump sum payable at the end of the policy term. Your GMB will be set at policy inception and will depend on age, policy term, premium amount, premium payment term and gender. Your GMB may be lower than your Sum Assured on death.

Product Snapshot

In our day to day lives, we strive towards achieving our goals: purchasing a flat, securing our children’s future needs, dream vacation in an exotic location and living peacefully after retirement. We bring you an ideal savings and protection oriented plan, ICICI Pru Future Perfect to help you fulfill these goals.

ICICI Pru Future Perfect gives you the dual assurances of guaranteed benefits and life cover, while complementing your investment corpus with bonuses that offers potentially higher returns. You have the flexibility to choose a premium payment option based on your needs.


How much premium can I pay?

You need to pay a minimum of `40,000 per year.

Can I pay the premiums yearly, half-yearly or monthly?

Yes, you can choose to pay your premiums yearly, half-yearly or monthly.

How long does the policy last?

The policy can continue from 10 to 15 years*.

At what age can I start this plan?

The minimum age of the Life Assured is 3 years and the maximum age should not be more than 45 years.

How old should I be when the plan reaches maturity?

The minimum age of the Life Assured at policy maturity should be 18 years. But, the maximum age should not exceed 60 years.

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